Week #5 The new reality

Sometimes we feel trapped in our present and seem hard to believe in the possibility of being able to create a new reality.

In the past I have always tried desperately to find the method to get.

In MKMMA I learned that is the intention to pursue.

What was given to us at birth is enough to design the life we want.

The exercises in MKMMA are feasible for all so that even a child can do the exercise.

The baby is perfect because it is not infected with by our daily reality.

When we were kids, we worked with our imagination, we played and we never gave up back as far as we got.

Now we are to teach our mind to our new reality, our personal need and the person we want to become.

We are literally bombarded with news from the outside, buy others opinions and media while we should bombard our minds with what we want.

We know that we have inside us a part that receive our commands to put into practice what we asked to do. The focus on our goals with emotion  must be our own obsession.

I love this phrase that I heard during the course.

When we see the invisible we can do the impossible.

We are responsible for our mind, what we hold in our minds we have in our hands.

For most  people normally is the outside that controls their result as a person.

It all begins by an ambition to want to create a new reality.

But if we have a burning desire and we reclaim with the exercises on MKMMA, we have it in our hands.

We are aware that voluntarily or involuntarily we are training our minds.

This gift that we have inside we cannot get until we begin to give.

The more service we give to others the more we get.

One way to inspire others is to show to them what you can get, what is possible as an example to emulate.

We are today the result of our thoughts and we are thinking now about what we will be tomorrow voluntarily or not.


Week #4 The die is cast

We are the sum of our thoughts that we give emotion. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. This is what connects us to the universe. We do not give enough importance to the toughts that enter in our minds. We allow our thoughts to control our actions at least it was for me. Like the karma did,  we don’t take care too much that each choice will lead to an inevitable consequence. This can be read negatively, but if we take a different point of view, we realize that this is power.

We can be in control. We can be what we want. This week I reflected on the various initiatives that I never completed. So I was consciously instilling the habit to failure. Only me I can decide if that particular action or result will be completed but this must start from my inside. At the inside we have the power that comes from the universe that we have to unleash between the laws that govern it. For to be a receiving channel, we must be causative beginning from the silence and imagination. Sometimes life dictates the rhythm and it seems that we run out the time without devoting time to activities that really determine our time. The silence, the control of our body and therefore think.

Sometimes the answers seem to recur relentlessly. This power can develop the faith, courage and thoughts that lead to success comes always and only from PRACTICE. This information wrote at the begin of 1900 reflect also in recent modern studies. Involuntarily we educate our body to perform certain defects that become so habitual that it is difficult to question it. But as we have instructed our body we can re-educate these bad habits distracting our mind from reality replacing new intentions. As for the last sentence seems to be something abstract, but here in MKMMA we have tangible exercises that will lead to the achievement of our worthy ideal.

Week #3 Success equal Calm of mind

As a benefit of the system I’m starting to be more selective with the information I receive. Now I am more and more aware of how much information we receive from the world that we cannot control. Social networking, news, buy other opinions are influencing us forgetting that we are the builders of our reality.

So it’s up to me to become aware and filter what is best to pass from my mind.

The results I have dictate and will dictate how I’m good in this process.

When we receive an information that is not aligned to our goal we have the ability to reject it and think of something better.

We must take care of our mind, the same care we give to our children because unintentionally we will influential them too.

Let us responsible for what we think, it will be our prophecy. Every choice we make leads to a result.

The information that enter in our hearts come straight into the action.

So we need to become an observer, our perception creates our inner world.

Forget about the method or knowledge but live for intentions and the method will appear.

I started making verbal promises with myself, a behavior that I had never done. Be controlled or make promises to others is a commitment but when I promise to myself , there is a greater force in wanting to complete the task.



No one can succeed without generating the wealth to others.

Success will be determined by our consistency and how we perceive it mixed with faith of achievement.

We have to give everything we have because the system has already showed positive results.

If we follow a system that is already successful and we follow it to the letter, even to us, we will surely succeed.

We have to choose the calm of mind than hard work. Courage, confidence and power of our thoughts allow our subconscious mind to manifest what we have instilled.

I’m learning more than I think I know.


Week #2 The journey is just begun

So the journey is just begun.

Like any journey we need instruments that unless we know them we cannot use them at the time they are necessary. In past I used to think to these tools had to be copied by others or read in the next best-selling self-help. Now I understand that must be cultivated from within because we have already in our hand. Courage, confidence, posture and faith are already inside of me but I have not gave the opportunity to turn them to their maximum potential yet. Is my task to create them with the imagination, confidence and enthusiasm.

For example, the enthusiasm I always thought as a skill to be acquired and where I needed to work harder. With the lesson of this week I learned that this lack can be filled with imagination.

In fact, it all starts with my deep desire to expand upon as a human being.

Simply I have never taught my internal to my subconscious mind what I really wanted and this has resulted to be the person I am now.

The challenge in these weeks is to find my real true self, my true identity and the reason of my path.

There were some exercises to do. At the moment my mind tried to reject them or give up as it has done in the past. It seemed too much to handle.

The alliance helping me a lot, this time I’m not alone also the others are making their journey and how they can do it so I can.

Considering that we can choose how feel in every circumstance so I set a good pace to complete my exercises. Being a men of habit we have to replace bad habits with good.

For example involuntarily during the day I wonder with myself if the automatic action that I’m doing is good or bad like if my mind is trying to distinguish things that in past took for granted without judging. To me this is already a good result to celebrate.

Week #1 The call to adventure

Week 1

I’m really happy and curious about this my new call to a adventure.

I accepted the challenge to embark on this journey because I consider reliable the teachers of this class.They live in their legacy.

They have really shown what they say with facts and I am ready to follow them.

It ‘s true many times we start with the proper enthusiasm for a new adventure but we lost our self along the way finding a better reason or justification for why things did not go as they should go.

No this is not the case. End of the story. Now here we know that we have access to the right information but not only that we are the architects of our 100% result in this trip.

The fascinating part of this trip is that we discover ourselves within , something that now as I cannot see yet.

In previous experience, I tried to find the truth but it always seems to me that something was missing. Now I am aware that cannot miss anything because it’s all inside us.

The first step is to understand and be aware of where we are and why we are where we are.

So accept that everything we have experienced was first created in our minds with our thoughts.

What we are to begin is a work of thoughts. Because our thoughts loaded with emotions create those actions necessary to build the life that we have drawn with mental images.

My first challenge will be in charge with emotions my thoughts to give color to the life I want to live.

The daily exercises without a burning desire we will not have the commitment to complete. The mental leap that is required of us is to be that person who already want to become. To do this we have to chip away at our old habits that have brought us to the usual results.

We were assigned the exercises to change old habits and start to make sure that our subconscious will accept this new belief and reality.

The highest award of these new exercises is that put into action the talents that I did not know how to have like new forces that will support me in my journey.

I’m finally realizing that no longer depend on the next book that I read for the part of the puzzle missing.

I can shape my subconscious mind with words and with the correct words we create our new destiny.

As we cannot heal a branch of a plant that have no new leaves, now we know that to change the results, we must start from within. The seed of the plant so our heart.

The first secret of this first week is that there is no real secret to achieving what we want in the end. There are steps to follow clear to all and that is what we are moving to do and we do each one that take this call to adventure for discovery themselves.