Week #1 The call to adventure

Week 1

I’m really happy and curious about this my new call to a adventure.

I accepted the challenge to embark on this journey because I consider reliable the teachers of this class.They live in their legacy.

They have really shown what they say with facts and I am ready to follow them.

It ‘s true many times we start with the proper enthusiasm for a new adventure but we lost our self along the way finding a better reason or justification for why things did not go as they should go.

No this is not the case. End of the story. Now here we know that we have access to the right information but not only that we are the architects of our 100% result in this trip.

The fascinating part of this trip is that we discover ourselves within , something that now as I cannot see yet.

In previous experience, I tried to find the truth but it always seems to me that something was missing. Now I am aware that cannot miss anything because it’s all inside us.

The first step is to understand and be aware of where we are and why we are where we are.

So accept that everything we have experienced was first created in our minds with our thoughts.

What we are to begin is a work of thoughts. Because our thoughts loaded with emotions create those actions necessary to build the life that we have drawn with mental images.

My first challenge will be in charge with emotions my thoughts to give color to the life I want to live.

The daily exercises without a burning desire we will not have the commitment to complete. The mental leap that is required of us is to be that person who already want to become. To do this we have to chip away at our old habits that have brought us to the usual results.

We were assigned the exercises to change old habits and start to make sure that our subconscious will accept this new belief and reality.

The highest award of these new exercises is that put into action the talents that I did not know how to have like new forces that will support me in my journey.

I’m finally realizing that no longer depend on the next book that I read for the part of the puzzle missing.

I can shape my subconscious mind with words and with the correct words we create our new destiny.

As we cannot heal a branch of a plant that have no new leaves, now we know that to change the results, we must start from within. The seed of the plant so our heart.

The first secret of this first week is that there is no real secret to achieving what we want in the end. There are steps to follow clear to all and that is what we are moving to do and we do each one that take this call to adventure for discovery themselves.


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