Week #2 The journey is just begun

So the journey is just begun.

Like any journey we need instruments that unless we know them we cannot use them at the time they are necessary. In past I used to think to these tools had to be copied by others or read in the next best-selling self-help. Now I understand that must be cultivated from within because we have already in our hand. Courage, confidence, posture and faith are already inside of me but I have not gave the opportunity to turn them to their maximum potential yet. Is my task to create them with the imagination, confidence and enthusiasm.

For example, the enthusiasm I always thought as a skill to be acquired and where I needed to work harder. With the lesson of this week I learned that this lack can be filled with imagination.

In fact, it all starts with my deep desire to expand upon as a human being.

Simply I have never taught my internal to my subconscious mind what I really wanted and this has resulted to be the person I am now.

The challenge in these weeks is to find my real true self, my true identity and the reason of my path.

There were some exercises to do. At the moment my mind tried to reject them or give up as it has done in the past. It seemed too much to handle.

The alliance helping me a lot, this time I’m not alone also the others are making their journey and how they can do it so I can.

Considering that we can choose how feel in every circumstance so I set a good pace to complete my exercises. Being a men of habit we have to replace bad habits with good.

For example involuntarily during the day I wonder with myself if the automatic action that I’m doing is good or bad like if my mind is trying to distinguish things that in past took for granted without judging. To me this is already a good result to celebrate.


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