Week #3 Success equal Calm of mind

As a benefit of the system I’m starting to be more selective with the information I receive. Now I am more and more aware of how much information we receive from the world that we cannot control. Social networking, news, buy other opinions are influencing us forgetting that we are the builders of our reality.

So it’s up to me to become aware and filter what is best to pass from my mind.

The results I have dictate and will dictate how I’m good in this process.

When we receive an information that is not aligned to our goal we have the ability to reject it and think of something better.

We must take care of our mind, the same care we give to our children because unintentionally we will influential them too.

Let us responsible for what we think, it will be our prophecy. Every choice we make leads to a result.

The information that enter in our hearts come straight into the action.

So we need to become an observer, our perception creates our inner world.

Forget about the method or knowledge but live for intentions and the method will appear.

I started making verbal promises with myself, a behavior that I had never done. Be controlled or make promises to others is a commitment but when I promise to myself , there is a greater force in wanting to complete the task.



No one can succeed without generating the wealth to others.

Success will be determined by our consistency and how we perceive it mixed with faith of achievement.

We have to give everything we have because the system has already showed positive results.

If we follow a system that is already successful and we follow it to the letter, even to us, we will surely succeed.

We have to choose the calm of mind than hard work. Courage, confidence and power of our thoughts allow our subconscious mind to manifest what we have instilled.

I’m learning more than I think I know.