Week #4 The die is cast

We are the sum of our thoughts that we give emotion. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. This is what connects us to the universe. We do not give enough importance to the toughts that enter in our minds. We allow our thoughts to control our actions at least it was for me. Like the karma did,  we don’t take care too much that each choice will lead to an inevitable consequence. This can be read negatively, but if we take a different point of view, we realize that this is power.

We can be in control. We can be what we want. This week I reflected on the various initiatives that I never completed. So I was consciously instilling the habit to failure. Only me I can decide if that particular action or result will be completed but this must start from my inside. At the inside we have the power that comes from the universe that we have to unleash between the laws that govern it. For to be a receiving channel, we must be causative beginning from the silence and imagination. Sometimes life dictates the rhythm and it seems that we run out the time without devoting time to activities that really determine our time. The silence, the control of our body and therefore think.

Sometimes the answers seem to recur relentlessly. This power can develop the faith, courage and thoughts that lead to success comes always and only from PRACTICE. This information wrote at the begin of 1900 reflect also in recent modern studies. Involuntarily we educate our body to perform certain defects that become so habitual that it is difficult to question it. But as we have instructed our body we can re-educate these bad habits distracting our mind from reality replacing new intentions. As for the last sentence seems to be something abstract, but here in MKMMA we have tangible exercises that will lead to the achievement of our worthy ideal.


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