Week #5 The new reality

Sometimes we feel trapped in our present and seem hard to believe in the possibility of being able to create a new reality.

In the past I have always tried desperately to find the method to get.

In MKMMA I learned that is the intention to pursue.

What was given to us at birth is enough to design the life we want.

The exercises in MKMMA are feasible for all so that even a child can do the exercise.

The baby is perfect because it is not infected with by our daily reality.

When we were kids, we worked with our imagination, we played and we never gave up back as far as we got.

Now we are to teach our mind to our new reality, our personal need and the person we want to become.

We are literally bombarded with news from the outside, buy others opinions and media while we should bombard our minds with what we want.

We know that we have inside us a part that receive our commands to put into practice what we asked to do. The focus on our goals with emotion  must be our own obsession.

I love this phrase that I heard during the course.

When we see the invisible we can do the impossible.

We are responsible for our mind, what we hold in our minds we have in our hands.

For most  people normally is the outside that controls their result as a person.

It all begins by an ambition to want to create a new reality.

But if we have a burning desire and we reclaim with the exercises on MKMMA, we have it in our hands.

We are aware that voluntarily or involuntarily we are training our minds.

This gift that we have inside we cannot get until we begin to give.

The more service we give to others the more we get.

One way to inspire others is to show to them what you can get, what is possible as an example to emulate.

We are today the result of our thoughts and we are thinking now about what we will be tomorrow voluntarily or not.


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