Week #9 Practice & Determination

We don’t know our full potential within us that we have been given yet.

We know that we need to find it continuing to practice and be determined in our pursuit of a worthy ideal.

Our mind is what distinguishes us from all other animals , we have the ability to choose how to feel in the circumstances.

A lack of this awareness can lead to some inefficiency. We know we have to do but do it is another path. We tend to procrastinate when we are not so certain with our desire for growth.

In this way involuntarily we treat our “future self” as a “stranger”, projecting problems for our future.

Increasing the desire for what we want the “stranger” becomes our friend and we are finally as a “superior observer”.

Detaching ourselves from the circumstance of what happens to us we can move beyond the circumstances.

If we live with intention, find the method will simply be a consequence.

Stop to look for new ways to “How to do” but live thinking already to be that person that you want to become.

Bad habits are hard to replace. It seems almost absurd how we remain imprisoned of what we do not want.

We need to be hungry for putting our vision daily in the state of risk. Only in this way we know we are on the right course to break a habit.

We can retain the old one reality or living our new reality but we cannot live them both in the same time.

Be careful in the choose…

We need a clear mental picture of what we want to be. It ‘s fundamental to have an accountable partner to share our goals and actions that we are facing every day.

Through all the exercise of MKMMA, we deal the day with our original promise of greatness. The magic part is that sometimes we do not even realize of this.

We understand the mechanism of how to accept within ourselves what we want. With practice and determination we put the subconscious to our service to make it.

I had already addressed these challenges in the past but there wasn’t full confidence in the method than now.

We have full confidence that within us there is a force that can materialize our dream. We are able to respond to our destiny with the knowledge that we can choose how to influence our subconscious.

We have to decide what we want to be attached.


Week # 8 one bite at a time

The adventure go on with the awareness of the role of our conscious mind to control the thoughts that come into us, the guardian of our subconscious of our power. Every single exercise and action in MKMMA allow us to stay the course on our great ideal. Too much often we assault us by external bad information that affect even our inside. As a further exercise we have been asked to avoid news and TV in general. In my case I set it with social media as it is for me a greatest small continuous destruction. This exercise makes me feel in control and all thing consider it is not a big waiver if it becomes a habit. The key thing is that we cannot entertain two thoughts at a time so it is essential to avoid such distractions.

Sometimes the goal is always too big compared to where we are but one step at a time, turning our eyes to the next step we will get very far from where we started. The evidence we have when we get an expected result, when we retrace the victory we realize that we can do even better.

When eating an elephant take one bite at a time

Replace our negative habits require effort considering that sometimes we react like an autopilot without realizing it. With the material of the MKMMA, we are acquiring the identity of the observer of the world outsidenext but also within us.

An habit cannot be removed until you replace it with another positive. Managing the activities, I’m learning to limit those negative habits and replace them with actions that lead me towards my goal.

One of the concepts that I was the most fascinating and at the same time scared was Karma and its law. Every action we do leads to a result.

Along with the Emerson’s essay compensation, I am reviewing profoundly the way I act. I understand that only us, we are responsible for our results and how these can be predictable if we follow the laws are doing our best. So I started being honest with myself putting more effort in daily activities one bite at a time.

Week 7- Shock Waves

Sweet lyric for your mind


shock waves

Shock waves reaching my mind,

my body taking keen notice.

A new enchanting vibration saturates my cells,

my personal universe expands.

I am finding myself wanting a BREAK from the pace!! but at he same time craving more speed.

At the anticipated tipping point,  am falling forward fast.

Overwhelmed by the effects, I automatically stretch forward.

But why so emotional?  Why so stirred?  Meditation reveals it  to me-

reveals a bit more of ME to ME.

DEEPENED connections with my mind and spirit with the source of my origin.

Instructed to LET GO and receive, accomplished as small billows.

FORGIVENESS expanding, as if  EVERY human interaction I’ve EVER had is systematically brought forward.

God granting me larger opportunities to increase the capacity.

Charity in my heart practiced each day.

INTENSELY beautiful feeling…

I gladly surrender.

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Week #7 Awareness

Facing this journey, I realize that I am a lucky simply because I’m driving my life by intention. Walking down the street with the hands in my pocket, touching my compass I wonder how many people like me have my awareness.
There are probably other people who have already this without knowing it and others will never know. This is a part of our mission to spread the world this amazing way to live life with meaning.
While I focus to my goals I realize how many distractions we meet and how our way to act is addicted by them.

Before to do what we have to do sometimes happen to procrastinate given attention to social media, television or things that do not lead us where we want to go. A illumination concept that I learned in MKMMA is about procrastination. Procrastination is nothing more than ourselves and in base how we trat ourselves we can be our friend or a stranger. If the current deal is not managed in this moment we give a problem for our future self.
So we must have the courage to face the procrastination to be the stars, the stars of our movie.
We accomplish literally and verbally instructing our inside, keeping our mind clean and serving others.
Another important concept in order to keep the canals of receive clean is no resentment, let it go.
Sometimes are these limiting thoughts that do not let us to achieve our goals.
We cannot love ourselves if we do not love the other.
So the feelings of envy, fear and criticism should be removed and replaced with love. When we forgive others and ourselves we feel more free, clean and really part of the universe.
Replacing negative thoughts with positive is the challenge that will set us in ultimate free.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Week #6 – I WAS confused:-)


“That fear-motivated “old self” is not dead; it has merely been dethroned. And it will follow you around whenever you go, awaiting a favorable opportunity to step in and take charge of you again. It can gain control of you only through your thoughts. Remember this, and keep the doors to your mind tightly closed against all thoughts which seek to limit you in any manner whatsoever, and you will be safe.” “Outwitting the Devil, Napoleon Hill (Love that book)

So the second week with “Non-opinion-diet” feels very interesting. From my experiences so far it looks like:
By me not giving any opinions results in me not receiving any either about me or what I do… This feels pretty awesome! Releases me from thinking, “am i doing it right now or what?” – FORGHETABOUTIT (as Mark J use to say), no need to spend time on receiving others opinions…

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Week #6 The Compass

In this new journey I am meeting the tools that I‘ve already met but I never believed.

Affirmations, visualization and dream board seemed so interesting tools to use but inside me there was lack of confidence of their potential otherwise I was still using them.

With MKMMA all is overturned, I began to follow the exercises required giving my best.

Here, I am not saying that everything has started to become natural. There is a price to pay but it is nothing compared to what I was paying with my life before. As I said in previous blogs are exercises that even a child can do.

We live in a mental world that respond to our intention and our believe.

Reviewing my past life the common denominator was discontinuity, starting with a project and then end up in another one ..

It is now clear where came from my previous results. We must be precise and faithful with what we want as if it was an obsession.

If at the begin does not seem to work, it’s just because we have not gave enough energy in this process.

In order to make it easier we have to stay around with successful people who have already walked the path. Of course we have to deserve their time showing to them our commitment.

I used to handle life as it comes to me , now I know that life come like our deeply picture it in our minds.

Our job is to distract during the day the old pattern reminding our minds to what gifts we want to align. The exercises in MKMMA are making us the process easiest. I had already figured out the importance of an accountable partner but I never imagined that could be the same person here in front of the mirror. Magical things are happening, starting from the awareness of what I have and the grateful for what I’m experiencing. We are living for intention by following our compass.