Week #6 The Compass

In this new journey I am meeting the tools that I‘ve already met but I never believed.

Affirmations, visualization and dream board seemed so interesting tools to use but inside me there was lack of confidence of their potential otherwise I was still using them.

With MKMMA all is overturned, I began to follow the exercises required giving my best.

Here, I am not saying that everything has started to become natural. There is a price to pay but it is nothing compared to what I was paying with my life before. As I said in previous blogs are exercises that even a child can do.

We live in a mental world that respond to our intention and our believe.

Reviewing my past life the common denominator was discontinuity, starting with a project and then end up in another one ..

It is now clear where came from my previous results. We must be precise and faithful with what we want as if it was an obsession.

If at the begin does not seem to work, it’s just because we have not gave enough energy in this process.

In order to make it easier we have to stay around with successful people who have already walked the path. Of course we have to deserve their time showing to them our commitment.

I used to handle life as it comes to me , now I know that life come like our deeply picture it in our minds.

Our job is to distract during the day the old pattern reminding our minds to what gifts we want to align. The exercises in MKMMA are making us the process easiest. I had already figured out the importance of an accountable partner but I never imagined that could be the same person here in front of the mirror. Magical things are happening, starting from the awareness of what I have and the grateful for what I’m experiencing. We are living for intention by following our compass.