Week #6 – I WAS confused:-)


“That fear-motivated “old self” is not dead; it has merely been dethroned. And it will follow you around whenever you go, awaiting a favorable opportunity to step in and take charge of you again. It can gain control of you only through your thoughts. Remember this, and keep the doors to your mind tightly closed against all thoughts which seek to limit you in any manner whatsoever, and you will be safe.” “Outwitting the Devil, Napoleon Hill (Love that book)

So the second week with “Non-opinion-diet” feels very interesting. From my experiences so far it looks like:
By me not giving any opinions results in me not receiving any either about me or what I do… This feels pretty awesome! Releases me from thinking, “am i doing it right now or what?” – FORGHETABOUTIT (as Mark J use to say), no need to spend time on receiving others opinions…

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2 thoughts on “Week #6 – I WAS confused:-)

  1. The Law of Substitution keeps all that stuff from yesteryear from ever coming back;
    With focus on abundance, and not the world of lack!
    For that’s the world where fears of many kinds,
    Are toys the devil uses, to steal away our minds! Loren

    Yes, Outwitting the Devil, is a great book. I wonder what kind of reception it would have received, if published while Hill was still alive.


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