Week #7 Awareness

Facing this journey, I realize that I am a lucky simply because I’m driving my life by intention. Walking down the street with the hands in my pocket, touching my compass I wonder how many people like me have my awareness.
There are probably other people who have already this without knowing it and others will never know. This is a part of our mission to spread the world this amazing way to live life with meaning.
While I focus to my goals I realize how many distractions we meet and how our way to act is addicted by them.

Before to do what we have to do sometimes happen to procrastinate given attention to social media, television or things that do not lead us where we want to go. A illumination concept that I learned in MKMMA is about procrastination. Procrastination is nothing more than ourselves and in base how we trat ourselves we can be our friend or a stranger. If the current deal is not managed in this moment we give a problem for our future self.
So we must have the courage to face the procrastination to be the stars, the stars of our movie.
We accomplish literally and verbally instructing our inside, keeping our mind clean and serving others.
Another important concept in order to keep the canals of receive clean is no resentment, let it go.
Sometimes are these limiting thoughts that do not let us to achieve our goals.
We cannot love ourselves if we do not love the other.
So the feelings of envy, fear and criticism should be removed and replaced with love. When we forgive others and ourselves we feel more free, clean and really part of the universe.
Replacing negative thoughts with positive is the challenge that will set us in ultimate free.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.