Week # 8 one bite at a time

The adventure go on with the awareness of the role of our conscious mind to control the thoughts that come into us, the guardian of our subconscious of our power. Every single exercise and action in MKMMA allow us to stay the course on our great ideal. Too much often we assault us by external bad information that affect even our inside. As a further exercise we have been asked to avoid news and TV in general. In my case I set it with social media as it is for me a greatest small continuous destruction. This exercise makes me feel in control and all thing consider it is not a big waiver if it becomes a habit. The key thing is that we cannot entertain two thoughts at a time so it is essential to avoid such distractions.

Sometimes the goal is always too big compared to where we are but one step at a time, turning our eyes to the next step we will get very far from where we started. The evidence we have when we get an expected result, when we retrace the victory we realize that we can do even better.

When eating an elephant take one bite at a time

Replace our negative habits require effort considering that sometimes we react like an autopilot without realizing it. With the material of the MKMMA, we are acquiring the identity of the observer of the world outsidenext but also within us.

An habit cannot be removed until you replace it with another positive. Managing the activities, I’m learning to limit those negative habits and replace them with actions that lead me towards my goal.

One of the concepts that I was the most fascinating and at the same time scared was Karma and its law. Every action we do leads to a result.

Along with the Emerson’s essay compensation, I am reviewing profoundly the way I act. I understand that only us, we are responsible for our results and how these can be predictable if we follow the laws are doing our best. So I started being honest with myself putting more effort in daily activities one bite at a time.