Week #9 Practice & Determination

We don’t know our full potential within us that we have been given yet.

We know that we need to find it continuing to practice and be determined in our pursuit of a worthy ideal.

Our mind is what distinguishes us from all other animals , we have the ability to choose how to feel in the circumstances.

A lack of this awareness can lead to some inefficiency. We know we have to do but do it is another path. We tend to procrastinate when we are not so certain with our desire for growth.

In this way involuntarily we treat our “future self” as a “stranger”, projecting problems for our future.

Increasing the desire for what we want the “stranger” becomes our friend and we are finally as a “superior observer”.

Detaching ourselves from the circumstance of what happens to us we can move beyond the circumstances.

If we live with intention, find the method will simply be a consequence.

Stop to look for new ways to “How to do” but live thinking already to be that person that you want to become.

Bad habits are hard to replace. It seems almost absurd how we remain imprisoned of what we do not want.

We need to be hungry for putting our vision daily in the state of risk. Only in this way we know we are on the right course to break a habit.

We can retain the old one reality or living our new reality but we cannot live them both in the same time.

Be careful in the choose…

We need a clear mental picture of what we want to be. It ‘s fundamental to have an accountable partner to share our goals and actions that we are facing every day.

Through all the exercise of MKMMA, we deal the day with our original promise of greatness. The magic part is that sometimes we do not even realize of this.

We understand the mechanism of how to accept within ourselves what we want. With practice and determination we put the subconscious to our service to make it.

I had already addressed these challenges in the past but there wasn’t full confidence in the method than now.

We have full confidence that within us there is a force that can materialize our dream. We are able to respond to our destiny with the knowledge that we can choose how to influence our subconscious.

We have to decide what we want to be attached.