Week #10 knowledge will not apply itself

Nothing happens without a specific cause. This statement is very powerful and interrogates me about my previous choices.
We are the sum of our thoughts.
The past choices have caused our present but if the my new reality has a new identity that means that I have to change all the choices of my past, my old self?
The continuation of the course will give me more clarity.
Clarity that I have already obtained in different perspectives in my life with MKMMA.
In the past it was my habit to find a justification for my results.
It seemed that what was missing something outside of me before to come to the realization.
I‘ve learned that a successful men have an impersonal attitude like a real observers in pursuing the truth. Truth has a powerful meaning for me because it takes away all the masks built in everyday life and puts me one the mirror the true myself. Only when appear the real me then I’m free.
Abundance is for everyone and thank to MKMMA, I’m starting to have gratitude and to dwell on how much opulence I have around me. Each day has a value and should be appreciated in all instances.
I am aware that life cannot give me a heavy backpack that I can bear.
Abundance is like a table in a banned party but where most of the people starve. This is due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the natural laws , how  flow the life. The objective form of thought creates our environment.

Create the ideal in our mind and the universe will provide the method to achieve it and not the opposite.

To have access to this abundance we connect creative universe with thoughts of abundance. The best part about this is that it is accessible to all with practice.
Moreover, knowledge will not apply itself.


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