Week #11 The “Carnegie Secret”

In my journey I’m starting to see things that happen to me in a more accurate way.
I am aware that what’s coming to me is the consequence of what I thought in past.
I try to detach myself from the situation in order to learn to be an observer of what is happening around me.
The awakening of each day has a different flavor than the past with full curiosity of inexplicable things that can happen during the day.
If we want change our external condition we have to change ourselves, starting from within.
We happen to give too much importance to distractions without giving due weight to dialogue with ourselves.
During MKMMA one of my challenges is to commit the time to dedicate myself to talk to myself, sit relax and put me in connection with the universe.
Another issue is about to give.
When we begin to give without expecting reciprocity we are going to have more than we expect.
Only in this way magical things begin to happen.
The universe is generous with those who have the channels open to give.
In the book, The science of getting rich I love the chapter of the impression of increase. The book explain to leave the person we meet better than when we met.
This simple concept puts us in a good vibration with the universe.
Our main challenge is persistence, happen to be too attached to what we do not want to inadvertently.
We do not want but we are in jail with them. We don’t believe enough that we can create a new our self so there is no progress.
With MKMMA we started to claim what we want and we realized that what we were experiencing was too high a price to pay.
If we do not deal with our reality now will be a problem to face in the future.
The best gift I have received with MKMMA is the key to reading the book Think and Grow Rich.
In the past, I used to read it several times but there was always a secret that I was afraid to catch completely. I finally realized that there is no secret but it is a habit that with the action we can all pursue.
With MKMMA we definitely know ourselves and what we can do.
What more do we need to know? Just experience


2 thoughts on “Week #11 The “Carnegie Secret”

  1. Momma tomato, Daddy tomato and Baby tomato where walking down the street. Baby tomato was lagging behind. Momma tomato stopped, walked back to Baby tomato, then STOMPED on Baby tomato and said “CAUGHT UP!” Get it caught up! Do it Now!

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