Week #13 Do the illogical

During the week of celebrations always comes down to ask questions of where we are and hope for a better future.
Not this year, with MKMMA we started to ask better questions. We listen carefully to our future self to understand how it takes today.
What are its tips and advice to get to meet its.
We are determined to live our future with the knowledge that every day we have to move forward even if only slightly.

We’re falling in love with our future self using the insight and exercises that we are learned in MKMMA.
We have a defined plan that is expressed with continuous action that inadvertently brings us to create the habit of persistence.
This is a big challenge to my subconscious. It was always able to justify myself for my compromise trying to support me in the comfortable choices. My subconscious told me that what I didn’t do today, I would have done in the future.
A wealth being lazy compared to hard work that now I’m setting.
Only by keeping our eyes on our goal and acting only with actions that improve us and make us grow we ultimately to create this major new habit.
We are the link to our future and therefore we must take charge of giving prosperity to our new you without procrastinate.
As human beings we try to avoid the pain to make things make us pleasure.
We do things we do not want to do and do not do things we should do.
With MKMMA we’re literally forcing ourselves to engage in creating our new self confidently. Being the person that we want to be before to see. A good way to confuse our subconscious is to make illogical action.
Only in this way we will be able to be in the right path. We are privileged because we can choose how to react according to the situation.
Unfortunately we still have all this knowledge. Daily manipulating our subconscious with these tricks the human mind begins to forget its original  form and start working for us. We are in control. We are in control.


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