Week #14 October Sky

As a requirement during my journey in MKMMA, I watched the movie October Sky.
It was like having a Christmas gift, I laughed and I cried enjoying this true story.
It was great to find in the movie all the principles I am living and reading in my books.
All the transformation starts from a burning desire. We do not know how we get our aspiration but it seems that we are born because of that.
Another sign is the rejection of the people around us. It’s something that is mixed between a family protection and others see us as like crazy. In these cases, the easiest thing to do for the other is to make fun, joke about us.
The burning desire is linked to the rejection to accept our current reality.
Another principle is the persistence, we don’t to give up to the difficulties or the skill.
Is not necessary to be competent in all but with an alliance of brains that have the same goal, we can create things that alone we would never be achieved.
We goes on trial and error and sometimes making us ridiculous in the eyes of others.
In our journey, however, there are also positive signs, people who support us to move forward.
Someone who believes in us better than we can believe in our self.
Until we get into a defined moment, the fall into the abyss. It seems that in order to make the jump we have to lose ourselves. Even if we get used to the current reality that do not belong to us, we hear a voice within us that we are born to a different ideal.
The people who love us try to impose their ideals, thinking that their recommendation would be the best for us.
We should not listen to others but only listen within us we will find all the answers.
We may encounter situations that lead us to give up but our passion, our determination and our courage take us back to our dream.
You may be alone, but all things are possible for those who are obstinate in their ideal.
And when we achieve our vision we will thank the people who believed in us before to had achieved our new reality.


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