Week #16 Chinese handcuffs

Words are thoughts. With MKMMA we improved our vocabulary to direct our thoughts to our ultimate ideal.

Our passport to success are the correct words we say.

These words are absorbed quickly, so we have to take care in choosing them.

We live by the compass, our ultimate goal although we are surrounded by people who are used to react instead of think.

We reclaim our ability to choose what to think.

With practice you will become better.

In addition to speaking properly is important to listen to our voice from deep within, our hearth.

These two things together are the principles to teach our minds.

With the course MKMMA we are paying the price and learningĀ  new patterns.

Now we know that knowledge alone does not apply itself but we give wood to fuel our dreams.

We tend to refuse to let go of the things that are blocking us by refusing to open ourselves to our new person.

The analogy can be found with the chinese handcuffs toy, a chinese finger trap in a small cylinder woven.

The initial reaction is to pull out the finger but this is theĀ  trap. The solution to escape is to direct the ends towards in the middle. Do the opposite.

If we get used to see the invisible we can do the impossible. Our new action will be governed by new habits. We reclaim to find our authentic self.

We can choose to remain trapped with our fear or direct our thoughts like laser focus on our dreams. The choice is ours.