Week #17 = make me feel important =

We became contenders living through principles. Small tasks for forge our new person. We have the responsibility to deal this path with enthusiasm. We are not in competition with each other but we are creating our new person. We are obsessed with our goal, what we really want.

By observing specific behavior of people that we attract with the imagination, we proceed through actions and events.

We are aware that the time has come for the dreamers. We are willing to fight for our worthy ideal. We should not worry about the how because we will find the means along the path.

To achieve more we must give more. Comes to help us this quote by Mary Kay Ash

“Pretend That every single person you meet has a sign around her neck or his that says =  make me feel important = not only you succeed in sales you will succeed in life”

We must do this deliberately and we’ll get a radical change. Taking care of others and our thinking , we do not let the outside interfere with our decision.

We have to create a mindset of abundance, seeing miracles around us. Observing these miracles if we look carefully we will find them already within us.

We cannot recognize in others something that we do not have. The new person we want to be is already within us. Acquiring this vibration we attracts people like us that know where they are going. Only after passing the wooden fence we could inspire people that we love to follow our path.

Trends come and go but the principles remain. The inner world develops the outside world. The passion in the exercises suggested in MKMMA confirm the power that we have inside.

We have this power to manifest and we have to give ourselves permission to leave was imprisons us and manifest our new person. Be the person before to have the evidence.