Week #17 HJ Act to the call

Within us there is a self-imposed mechanism that makes us behave like we are used to respond to events.
When we are faced with an important choice our internal mechanism makes us respond by default to avoid possible dangers.
It seems that work against us, but simply is what we have been taught to do during our life.
The price we pay unintentionally is the refusal to meet our authentic self.
The refusal to the call to go back to the ordinary we despise.
We prefer to stay stuck to the feelings of instability and confusion instead of giving meaning to our lives.
We think we have infinite time but the time is like an hourglass where we see the powder coming down without seeing how much is left over.
We cannot call our authentic without leave our old identity.
As human beings we have the same core desire, we feel the need to connect with others and the universe.
To take this path we must rise from the crowd.
Only a hero boldly tries to improve his world inspiring others to do the same.
Although he is surrounded by fear and negativity.
We have to throw ourselves into the unknown like a leap of faith. In this destabilized situation we find forces that we did not think we had.
Especially in the dark moments, when things go really bad if we place ourselves in a different point of view we will find that the same things can be our strength.
When we change the way we look at things, the things that we see change.
Whenever we see the imperfections are called to greatness.
Life from one hand takes away but in the other hand added if your hand is open.
The desire to improve is something we have inside that pushes us to evolve.
We realize that we have filled this space and we need a new place to fill it again.
As a child we would like to discover new things about us but we have to deal with the mechanism that seeks to protect us in its ways.
By focusing on our ultimate goal and taking the hero journey we will find our real us.
We begin to act by doing the opposite of how we always thought, being curious of fear.
Extend our miracle, exploring our potential.
It is not important to do the right things but the movement.
If we are not willing to explore this new world, our uniqueness, we are simply a copy of someone else’s way of thinking.
We cannot have authentic connections if we do not present our authenticity
Every time we hear the call and act on it we are true heroes.