Week #18 The Glad Game

In the path of this week with MKMMA, I recognized in myself the ability to say thanks to every circumstance  that happen to me every day.

We hold only faith as we let go the fear. However we need to give thank also for fear. Every time we meet fear that means  we have gone beyond our comfort zone.

More gratitude we have  and more quickly we become grateful. With MKMMA we are learning the importance of being honest, be open-minded and the will to do.

These behaviors need a certain period before being founded.

The new habits determine our actions, not knowledge.

It ‘s been a pleasure to remember the movie Pollyanna and the game to be glad  for all circumstances, I watched it when I was a child.

If you look for it you will find it, what you focus on will grow.

It’ s just a matter of make a decision, take a command and follow it.

Be happy for what we have now, letting go of what entrap us.

Only in this way the miracles begin to happen.

We put ourselves in a positive vibration that allows us to attract similar situations.

We start now with what we have and acting like the person we want to become.

I acted like Marco  until I am becoming.

Bringing more excitement in our lives will meet happiness and harmony. The world fits by law, our internal condition. We must grasp and hold what we need to move forward.

It all begins with a thought, a thought leads to the event but only the action is the bridge.

Give yourself permission to be that person and live the progression.


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