Week #19 How can we change the world?

In the insights of this week in MKMMA there was talk of each human experience.
Every action has an effect and if we face life as causative consciously controlling our thoughts we will have the effect of having our experience under control.
This definition is so powerful but I risk to being misunderstood like some nice words that sound good.
With the help of exercises in MKMMA, we have more awareness of this power.
The mind is something real and eternal while the matter is in constant change.
Our mind act on different levels: mental, moral and spiritual.
The person with a powerful, constructive and positive thought reflects in his/her environment, health and business.
While a weak, critical and negative thought leads to fear, worry and nervousness and is reflected in finance, environment and conditions discordant.
Sometimes appearances can be illusory, and what we assume we have to be revaluated.
Most of our knowledge is something to be heard without know the real source.
Unfortunately an opinion can negatively influence at our inner.
We have grown literally through the major opinions that have influenced us more.
In the world today the concept of success in financial and material is exasperated.
In several platform of personal development is often extended the concept of survival of the fittest maybe even inspired by animals.
As a task for this week I saw the documentary I AM Tom Shadyac.
This film adding me the missing puzzle to my beliefs to conduct a good life.
The documentary deals with reminds us of our true values by trial of scientific basis.
We as human beings are born to be cooperative, love, compassion able being a pleasant person.
We are not in the world to compete but to create through cooperation and democracy.
The message that made me think a lot is the follow:

Nothing in nature takes more than it needs.

With MKMMA we definitely understood the laws of nature.
We must act listening our heart and being on service.
How can we change the world?
If we desire change in our outer world, we must first change our inner world – our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.


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