Week #20 the Edge

In this period of studies and exercises in mkmma, we wonder if today will be the day that we excel.

What obscure us that does not allow us to meet the person we want to become?

Every day can be the last chance to experience the melody that we are destined to compose.

I feel that awareness of the importance of time as a privilege.

Occasions and call are already gone but I AM and now I have all the tools necessary to break the shield that I have built with the passing years.

To be on the right track, we know that we must do our best to become the person we are capable of becoming.

In these months of mkmma we trained our minds to act with enthusiasm.

We know that every action is determined by the thing we have cultivated in our minds first.

Previously I was used to act without having the full confidence of my steps so at midway I tried an alternative way or another training to be learnt, in short an exit strategy.

Being multitasking made me to pay a big price without get what I wanted.

I learned this quote from a legend of the network marketing and I hope you can help avoid my mistakes earlier:

Do one things on a time

Do it Correctly

Finish it

Today will be the day of the new beginning if we will advance confidently, expressing our plan through continuous actions.

Only in this way we can celebrate our lives and be remembered for the lives that have inspired raising us to the conformity.

We have to literally listen the desire in our heart beyond the circumstances.

If we really want to answer the call for the new adventure we have to do something different than what we have always done.

We have to feel the feelings of emotional discomfort to expand our comfort zone.

Every time we hit the edge we become more because we are destined to become as a genetic predisposition.

Greatness is doing our best with what we have.

Life is just in the border of the comfort zone.

If  we are not living hitting the edge, we are taking up too much space.


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