Week #21 The Miracle Manifesto

In MKMMA we were encouraged to recognize in the other the  virtues that we thought we were missing. This has led to a greater recognition that we are ourselves the channel of power that connects us with the Universe.

As mentioned in the previous blog, whenever we identify the virtues in others really means that we have inside us. We are really connected to the invisible force of the Universe.

This power controls our thoughts and we become the connecting of the channel. Only in this way can we understand that miracles are everywhere around us and we are one of them. We are the greatest miracle in a world of illusion where the evidence is the opposite of what it really is.

In this defined moment of awareness in MKMMA we gave ourselves permission to be an observers of the miracles that happen to us every day. We are servants  observers  all connected. We can not see all this light if we are not aware of the power that we have within us. We act through inspiration directly participating in these miracles.

The art of becoming a channel is accomplished through the art of visualization of perfection. Only if we see this perfection in others we could see it even inside us. Enthusiasm creates miracles. Ultimately we are a channel of the universe to discover our gifts and give them away to others.

We are contributors to extend the path of God. If we build this awareness within us, it will manifest. It is always believed that we are separate from this Identity but we cause our results so we have access to this inner wisdom. We can literally breathe and contemplate in silence this wisdom. The challenge is that only when we fall in our lowest point, we recognize that our power were never neglected.

In every adversity there is an opportunity or advantage, who seen that light discover the secret. The secret is a state of mind.


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