Week #24 Spiritual Laws

We are who we are in our deep, we are guided by our desires that become our will. Our will become our destiny. Through MKMMA I  recently became aware of the book the 7 Spiritual Laws of success by Deepak Chopra. This book was how to pool all the dots of the six months of the program. Success is a universal desire that is realized by pursuing a worthy ideal. We are goal seeking mechanism, we were born to fulfill our physical desires and spiritual.

A progressive expansion of a state of happiness.

We had been charged by parents and school that success comes from hard work, exact plan and ambition. This research of success, however, has led to worsen our health status and increased stress. The success is a journey not a destination through understanding that the reality show who we really are. Our human existence continues through our body, mind, soul, spirit and environment.

Awareness is to understand the transition between the un-manifested and the manifested. In our essential state we are spirit. Our source is getting everything in creation, and the same source spends time with ourselves. Most of the people treat their inside as a stranger. We are the generators of the creative process through the calmness of spirit.

With the experience of silence, we acquire the true potential because we can have an internal dialogue. This cannot happen if we judge others, we are in common with nature. There is nothing in the universe that is not accessible to us. We acquire energy from the universe, the energy circulate in our inside and giving back to the universe.

We must be aware of the intention to give, to be in service.

The book explores the seven universal laws in depth but we could not understand them until we rely only on what we see with our eyes. This course has given me so much and my life will be a worthy legacy of what I have learned


Week #23 Safe is risky

In continuing our adventure is becoming clear our path, now that we know what we need.

The search for new information or latest shortcuts never led anything than flood our minds and act with the handbrake on.

We are the captains of our life and though us we self-powered.

Too many times the other opinions have masked our true identity.

To grow there are no exit strategies or attempts, today is another day where we make decisions and that is what we have now.

We are the devices that control physical energy.

If we have difficult problems to solve means that our channel of contact with the universe is obstructed.

We must silence the opinion of our ego that try to find an explanation for this moment. To get more of what we have to give more. This means to be in service. A hero is one that demonstrates what is possible by taking action.

Even if, in the past, I have fallen in the comfort of express or mirror concepts of others.

With MKMMA I realized that the power is within me without copy the behavior of others I consider best than me.

Now I am no longer looking to improve myself but in the experience of recognizing the real me.

The great adventure is in the self-discovery.

In these words I met advises that I had already heard from people who challenged me to be more but I’ve never caught.

The best influence is in our self-discovery.

In the silence we feel better if we listen to our inner voice of our heart.

Through our personal experience and being observers, we will clean those channels that connect us to the universe.

We are participating in the creation, our true nature is a spirit of love.

Few people believe in the universal mind, the voice that we have inside.

This does not mean just be spontaneous but believe in ourselves, listen to that voice and be in service.

We celebrate our differences, our challenges and difficulties.

These tell us that we are on the right course.

Security is a risk because it takes us away from who we really are. Listening our heart we shape our true reality, we are the teacher of ourselves, the treasure is within us.

Week #22A The certain way

You don’t get rich doing certain things, you get rich doing things in a certain way.

We can create our economy, not politics, not the news, not the weather and not our environment. We do. All of us as human beings in the last analysis we are looking for time and financial freedom.

It’ s just a matter of awareness.

So many times we hear of opportunities, to be in the right place at the right time but in the end the same opportunities are not for everyone.

The ability to get rich is related to a level of awareness.

We eliminate the dark when we turn on the light.

We don’t just WANT to earn money, the fact is that there are many people get great results without being aware.

To increase our level of awareness we have gone from a MKMMA with effective education and a mentor to follow.

What you seek is actually looking for you.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell.

Life is nothing but a mind game and we have learned its laws with MKMMA.

We took the decision to develop our potential.

It is not a matter of being right but a responsibility to extend our ability to become more.

We have talents to discover in order to increase our value and the vale of people around us.

Our life increases or decreases, we have to decide to move forward or back, still is not allowed.

What we are programmed to believe has given our results.

If you want to get rich you have to follow the laws. These laws many timese are not the same ones provided to our parents and teacher.

This greater awareness comes from a calmness of mind through greater self-control,  be the observer.

We must replace the WANT with a burning desire and solid faith.

The Gratitude for all that we have around is the connection with the universe and make things happen.

The real secret is to think in a certain way by acting according to the laws.

All this is becoming an epic adventure.

Week #22 Your Unique Gifts

This week I took more awareness that we literally live the life we ​​choose.

It happens sometimes fell discouraged by the results we achieve, but if we are careful observers we understand that these are merely the consequence of certain attitudes accepted.

We are in control of the outcome of our actions.

We are doing what we want or what we are most comfortable?

Everything starts to take full responsibility that our inner world creates our outer world. The edge of the comfort zone controls us until we take control.

We feel free or jailed by our comfort zone.

As human beings we are willing to improve when we change the way we see the things.

Consequently, even those things around us change.

In reality the difficulties do not exist but are simply messengers that remind us that we are refusing to let go of what we do not need to accept than what we need.

One thing can be small or large, the difference is how we set ourselves against it.

When we see before us an insurmountable mountain we must be able to ridicule the deal with small steps.

In this way the road will seem easier then feasible.

We can get what we want but not everything we want.

We need humility in choosing what to pursue, our purpose.

Be glad of the new reality that is being created.

Is our vision, is not something that we have imposed on the parents or the school but from our heart.

We cannot give others something that is not genuinely ours,  something that we only copied from something other or handed down.

In  last analysis we were born to find connections, we have gifts to offer others.

Gifts that are just ours.

The mining of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Our bliss is to the edge of the comfort zone, each time you put in discussion that line you’ll find the Treasury