Week #22 Your Unique Gifts

This week I took more awareness that we literally live the life we ​​choose.

It happens sometimes fell discouraged by the results we achieve, but if we are careful observers we understand that these are merely the consequence of certain attitudes accepted.

We are in control of the outcome of our actions.

We are doing what we want or what we are most comfortable?

Everything starts to take full responsibility that our inner world creates our outer world. The edge of the comfort zone controls us until we take control.

We feel free or jailed by our comfort zone.

As human beings we are willing to improve when we change the way we see the things.

Consequently, even those things around us change.

In reality the difficulties do not exist but are simply messengers that remind us that we are refusing to let go of what we do not need to accept than what we need.

One thing can be small or large, the difference is how we set ourselves against it.

When we see before us an insurmountable mountain we must be able to ridicule the deal with small steps.

In this way the road will seem easier then feasible.

We can get what we want but not everything we want.

We need humility in choosing what to pursue, our purpose.

Be glad of the new reality that is being created.

Is our vision, is not something that we have imposed on the parents or the school but from our heart.

We cannot give others something that is not genuinely ours,  something that we only copied from something other or handed down.

In  last analysis we were born to find connections, we have gifts to offer others.

Gifts that are just ours.

The mining of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Our bliss is to the edge of the comfort zone, each time you put in discussion that line you’ll find the Treasury


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