Week #22A The certain way

You don’t get rich doing certain things, you get rich doing things in a certain way.

We can create our economy, not politics, not the news, not the weather and not our environment. We do. All of us as human beings in the last analysis we are looking for time and financial freedom.

It’ s just a matter of awareness.

So many times we hear of opportunities, to be in the right place at the right time but in the end the same opportunities are not for everyone.

The ability to get rich is related to a level of awareness.

We eliminate the dark when we turn on the light.

We don’t just WANT to earn money, the fact is that there are many people get great results without being aware.

To increase our level of awareness we have gone from a MKMMA with effective education and a mentor to follow.

What you seek is actually looking for you.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell.

Life is nothing but a mind game and we have learned its laws with MKMMA.

We took the decision to develop our potential.

It is not a matter of being right but a responsibility to extend our ability to become more.

We have talents to discover in order to increase our value and the vale of people around us.

Our life increases or decreases, we have to decide to move forward or back, still is not allowed.

What we are programmed to believe has given our results.

If you want to get rich you have to follow the laws. These laws many timese are not the same ones provided to our parents and teacher.

This greater awareness comes from a calmness of mind through greater self-control,  be the observer.

We must replace the WANT with a burning desire and solid faith.

The Gratitude for all that we have around is the connection with the universe and make things happen.

The real secret is to think in a certain way by acting according to the laws.

All this is becoming an epic adventure.


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