Week #24 Spiritual Laws

We are who we are in our deep, we are guided by our desires that become our will. Our will become our destiny. Through MKMMA I  recently became aware of the book the 7 Spiritual Laws of success by Deepak Chopra. This book was how to pool all the dots of the six months of the program. Success is a universal desire that is realized by pursuing a worthy ideal. We are goal seeking mechanism, we were born to fulfill our physical desires and spiritual.

A progressive expansion of a state of happiness.

We had been charged by parents and school that success comes from hard work, exact plan and ambition. This research of success, however, has led to worsen our health status and increased stress. The success is a journey not a destination through understanding that the reality show who we really are. Our human existence continues through our body, mind, soul, spirit and environment.

Awareness is to understand the transition between the un-manifested and the manifested. In our essential state we are spirit. Our source is getting everything in creation, and the same source spends time with ourselves. Most of the people treat their inside as a stranger. We are the generators of the creative process through the calmness of spirit.

With the experience of silence, we acquire the true potential because we can have an internal dialogue. This cannot happen if we judge others, we are in common with nature. There is nothing in the universe that is not accessible to us. We acquire energy from the universe, the energy circulate in our inside and giving back to the universe.

We must be aware of the intention to give, to be in service.

The book explores the seven universal laws in depth but we could not understand them until we rely only on what we see with our eyes. This course has given me so much and my life will be a worthy legacy of what I have learned

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