Week #18 The Glad Game

In the path of this week with MKMMA, I recognized in myself the ability to say thanks to every circumstance  that happen to me every day.

We hold only faith as we let go the fear. However we need to give thank also for fear. Every time we meet fear that means  we have gone beyond our comfort zone.

More gratitude we have  and more quickly we become grateful. With MKMMA we are learning the importance of being honest, be open-minded and the will to do.

These behaviors need a certain period before being founded.

The new habits determine our actions, not knowledge.

It ‘s been a pleasure to remember the movie Pollyanna and the game to be glad  for all circumstances, I watched it when I was a child.

If you look for it you will find it, what you focus on will grow.

It’ s just a matter of make a decision, take a command and follow it.

Be happy for what we have now, letting go of what entrap us.

Only in this way the miracles begin to happen.

We put ourselves in a positive vibration that allows us to attract similar situations.

We start now with what we have and acting like the person we want to become.

I acted like Marco  until I am becoming.

Bringing more excitement in our lives will meet happiness and harmony. The world fits by law, our internal condition. We must grasp and hold what we need to move forward.

It all begins with a thought, a thought leads to the event but only the action is the bridge.

Give yourself permission to be that person and live the progression.

Week #17 HJ Act to the call

Within us there is a self-imposed mechanism that makes us behave like we are used to respond to events.
When we are faced with an important choice our internal mechanism makes us respond by default to avoid possible dangers.
It seems that work against us, but simply is what we have been taught to do during our life.
The price we pay unintentionally is the refusal to meet our authentic self.
The refusal to the call to go back to the ordinary we despise.
We prefer to stay stuck to the feelings of instability and confusion instead of giving meaning to our lives.
We think we have infinite time but the time is like an hourglass where we see the powder coming down without seeing how much is left over.
We cannot call our authentic without leave our old identity.
As human beings we have the same core desire, we feel the need to connect with others and the universe.
To take this path we must rise from the crowd.
Only a hero boldly tries to improve his world inspiring others to do the same.
Although he is surrounded by fear and negativity.
We have to throw ourselves into the unknown like a leap of faith. In this destabilized situation we find forces that we did not think we had.
Especially in the dark moments, when things go really bad if we place ourselves in a different point of view we will find that the same things can be our strength.
When we change the way we look at things, the things that we see change.
Whenever we see the imperfections are called to greatness.
Life from one hand takes away but in the other hand added if your hand is open.
The desire to improve is something we have inside that pushes us to evolve.
We realize that we have filled this space and we need a new place to fill it again.
As a child we would like to discover new things about us but we have to deal with the mechanism that seeks to protect us in its ways.
By focusing on our ultimate goal and taking the hero journey we will find our real us.
We begin to act by doing the opposite of how we always thought, being curious of fear.
Extend our miracle, exploring our potential.
It is not important to do the right things but the movement.
If we are not willing to explore this new world, our uniqueness, we are simply a copy of someone else’s way of thinking.
We cannot have authentic connections if we do not present our authenticity
Every time we hear the call and act on it we are true heroes.

Week #17 = make me feel important =

We became contenders living through principles. Small tasks for forge our new person. We have the responsibility to deal this path with enthusiasm. We are not in competition with each other but we are creating our new person. We are obsessed with our goal, what we really want.

By observing specific behavior of people that we attract with the imagination, we proceed through actions and events.

We are aware that the time has come for the dreamers. We are willing to fight for our worthy ideal. We should not worry about the how because we will find the means along the path.

To achieve more we must give more. Comes to help us this quote by Mary Kay Ash

“Pretend That every single person you meet has a sign around her neck or his that says =  make me feel important = not only you succeed in sales you will succeed in life”

We must do this deliberately and we’ll get a radical change. Taking care of others and our thinking , we do not let the outside interfere with our decision.

We have to create a mindset of abundance, seeing miracles around us. Observing these miracles if we look carefully we will find them already within us.

We cannot recognize in others something that we do not have. The new person we want to be is already within us. Acquiring this vibration we attracts people like us that know where they are going. Only after passing the wooden fence we could inspire people that we love to follow our path.

Trends come and go but the principles remain. The inner world develops the outside world. The passion in the exercises suggested in MKMMA confirm the power that we have inside.

We have this power to manifest and we have to give ourselves permission to leave was imprisons us and manifest our new person. Be the person before to have the evidence.

Week #16 Chinese handcuffs

Words are thoughts. With MKMMA we improved our vocabulary to direct our thoughts to our ultimate ideal.

Our passport to success are the correct words we say.

These words are absorbed quickly, so we have to take care in choosing them.

We live by the compass, our ultimate goal although we are surrounded by people who are used to react instead of think.

We reclaim our ability to choose what to think.

With practice you will become better.

In addition to speaking properly is important to listen to our voice from deep within, our hearth.

These two things together are the principles to teach our minds.

With the course MKMMA we are paying the price and learning  new patterns.

Now we know that knowledge alone does not apply itself but we give wood to fuel our dreams.

We tend to refuse to let go of the things that are blocking us by refusing to open ourselves to our new person.

The analogy can be found with the chinese handcuffs toy, a chinese finger trap in a small cylinder woven.

The initial reaction is to pull out the finger but this is the  trap. The solution to escape is to direct the ends towards in the middle. Do the opposite.

If we get used to see the invisible we can do the impossible. Our new action will be governed by new habits. We reclaim to find our authentic self.

We can choose to remain trapped with our fear or direct our thoughts like laser focus on our dreams. The choice is ours.

Week # 15 Let it shine

In my path of more awareness and during the readings of the week, I want to focus on a powerful mathematical concept.

We reap what we have sown.

This statement can give energy knowing that if we give our best we will be rewarded.

The same phrase can bring fear, thinking of past situation and therefore the evidence of the results obtained.

There is a time to sow and there is a time for the harvest but cannot be at the same time.

If we want abundance we have to think in terms of abundance.

The words we say are so powerful that take shape so we must be careful to express words constructive and harmonious.

In every thought lies a principle and we can get only what we give.

The knowledge eludes mind if we don’t not use it. With MKMMA we have acquired the knowledge, we are setting the power.

We arrived to merge ourselves with our future self, the person that is beyond the mirror.

Now we know how to create our new reality.

Correct thoughts lead us in the right environment.

We paid the price, now is the time to rise and accept this new reality.

We’re also learning that doing it, we allowing ourselves to be shine.

We know and we are applying discipline, our faith is finding faith.

Awareness is the beginning of change.

The resources we were looking outside now recognize already within us.

Talents that we did not expect to have, we are identifying and bring to the surface.

We cannot recognize talents in other if we don’t find the same in us.

If we really want something we have to think only about that.

What we think is growing ,what we do not think it atrophies.

We have the ability to choose how to feel under the same condition.

If we think to ice skate for some it can be scary, but someone else may be excited. It ‘ s the same thing for us, we have to choose in what to remain attached. We have to choose wisely with the knowledge that every choice we make determines our future self.

Week #14 October Sky

As a requirement during my journey in MKMMA, I watched the movie October Sky.
It was like having a Christmas gift, I laughed and I cried enjoying this true story.
It was great to find in the movie all the principles I am living and reading in my books.
All the transformation starts from a burning desire. We do not know how we get our aspiration but it seems that we are born because of that.
Another sign is the rejection of the people around us. It’s something that is mixed between a family protection and others see us as like crazy. In these cases, the easiest thing to do for the other is to make fun, joke about us.
The burning desire is linked to the rejection to accept our current reality.
Another principle is the persistence, we don’t to give up to the difficulties or the skill.
Is not necessary to be competent in all but with an alliance of brains that have the same goal, we can create things that alone we would never be achieved.
We goes on trial and error and sometimes making us ridiculous in the eyes of others.
In our journey, however, there are also positive signs, people who support us to move forward.
Someone who believes in us better than we can believe in our self.
Until we get into a defined moment, the fall into the abyss. It seems that in order to make the jump we have to lose ourselves. Even if we get used to the current reality that do not belong to us, we hear a voice within us that we are born to a different ideal.
The people who love us try to impose their ideals, thinking that their recommendation would be the best for us.
We should not listen to others but only listen within us we will find all the answers.
We may encounter situations that lead us to give up but our passion, our determination and our courage take us back to our dream.
You may be alone, but all things are possible for those who are obstinate in their ideal.
And when we achieve our vision we will thank the people who believed in us before to had achieved our new reality.

Week #13 Do the illogical

During the week of celebrations always comes down to ask questions of where we are and hope for a better future.
Not this year, with MKMMA we started to ask better questions. We listen carefully to our future self to understand how it takes today.
What are its tips and advice to get to meet its.
We are determined to live our future with the knowledge that every day we have to move forward even if only slightly.

We’re falling in love with our future self using the insight and exercises that we are learned in MKMMA.
We have a defined plan that is expressed with continuous action that inadvertently brings us to create the habit of persistence.
This is a big challenge to my subconscious. It was always able to justify myself for my compromise trying to support me in the comfortable choices. My subconscious told me that what I didn’t do today, I would have done in the future.
A wealth being lazy compared to hard work that now I’m setting.
Only by keeping our eyes on our goal and acting only with actions that improve us and make us grow we ultimately to create this major new habit.
We are the link to our future and therefore we must take charge of giving prosperity to our new you without procrastinate.
As human beings we try to avoid the pain to make things make us pleasure.
We do things we do not want to do and do not do things we should do.
With MKMMA we’re literally forcing ourselves to engage in creating our new self confidently. Being the person that we want to be before to see. A good way to confuse our subconscious is to make illogical action.
Only in this way we will be able to be in the right path. We are privileged because we can choose how to react according to the situation.
Unfortunately we still have all this knowledge. Daily manipulating our subconscious with these tricks the human mind begins to forget its original  form and start working for us. We are in control. We are in control.