Press Release

As a result of the progress of our group, our company is growing the most during the last year of activity. We supported each other to achieve our wealth. We were all winners on stage and this has contributed to our excitement and enthusiasm gave the whole group. We have created a law of attraction incredible. Anyone looking for an opportunity is attracted by our company. Our vision is manifesting itself really! I wake up in this glorious day, the sun reflecting off the pristine waters of the lake. It ‘s so nice to wake up without the shrill sound of an alarm clock. Now I will go on deck, enjoying the warmth of the morning sun. There I will meet you with a glass of milk. A hug and a “Good morning, I love you!” Looks like another day of joy in Iseo lake not a cloud in the sky. We sit together for a few minutes in silence, enjoying our environment, especially the calm of the lake and then she says, “Let’s go for breakfast ?.” “It’s OK” My partner yet. “Marco, you know the best thing about this morning? I do not have to get into a car!” We both hurry to get on our new Torpedo 29-foot wooden boat with a bright green interior. How do I start the boat, my partner looks at me and smiles. I see the sparkle in his eyes. She really likes where he is in his life. As we move away from the dock for breakfast, we hear someone scream that says, “Hey! Congratulations on the new house and the boat and the name is absolutely perfect Agel and is written in green orange letters on the back. “Looks like we got it!” We look into our eyes and we begin to sing. We are the only noise in the lake! What a wonderful feeling! As we sit on the beach on the lake, we are contemplating our good fortune and the wonderful feeling that comes from living our dreams. Our leaders have just left after spending together the work plan during the week enjoying life. To have reached the position of Diamond we had the idea of doing a big party. I have become a steady income of € 10,000 per month, and my partner and his team are on the path to this same level. Our new partners in the six-figure, loves their life now. Our family is healthy, happy, live in abundance, and enjoying wonderful relationships and friendships. I open my eyes to see the sun shining in the sky a crystal blue. A gentle breeze across my face. I think last night, when the kids were in bed, sitting with her in the hot tub by the pool horizon. We sipped our Cristal bottle. We have our home with garden, swimming pool and a box with two BMW X6. The garden is blooming and I can feel all the perfumes of spring. To prepare a barbecue lunch with plenty of grilled meat “Thank you all for coming to join us to celebrate our new home. On the gate I put our initials. Our family is so blessed to have you all as part of our lives . We love and appreciate you so much. ” Isabella is a mom and bought a new SUV. He made me happy all her family delighting in family holidays with her income network marketing that has built up. He is constantly in qualification and she is so happy with her fabulous organization .. Our new business partner making enough money with its marketing network to support all of its vision. It ‘wonderful to have leaders who have taken over and are moving to their organizations forward in full speed. They really took over the reins of leadership. This allowed us to sit down for a moment and enjoy their success. It is so rewarding to see them in front of the room, forming new people and make a fabulous new life for them. We are blessed with good health, preserve the work regularly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the body and the spirit. We are enjoying our chosen lifestyle and we can truly say that we are living a life without regrets. We thank God every day for the abundance that we can share with our family, our sales network, and others in need. Life is great!


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